Friday, August 01, 2008

About a Boy


Got a call yesterday from the allergy/asthma doctor.  She had good news and bad news.  The good news was, Jamie has not developed any new food allergies.  But this good news also further perplexes me, as this means I now get to move on to the neurologist to see if his migraines have a connection to his stomach pains (which continue, unabated).  Joel’s girlfriend Leah had a suggestion that I might want to have him tested for an allergy to a substance found in wheat gluten; only problem is, I don’t remember the name of the substance (it starts with an “s”).  I’m sure it will come to me, and I can take him back to the allergist to have him tested for that one particular enzyme.  Now to the bad news – Jamie is even more fatally allergic to peanuts now than he was before.  True, it’s always been a fatal allergy, only now, it will apparently kill him even FASTER than ingesting peanuts or tree nuts would have before.  I guess it’s time to increase my diligence, as I’ll now have even less time to recognize any warning signs (if there are any) that he’s going into anaphylactic shock and administer his Epi-Pen.  So that’s the update on Jamie’s health.  I’ll post more when I know more.


Grace mom said...

A good friend of mine has an allergy to wheat gluten (and other glutens), causing her migranes and stomach aches, as well as general low energy and depression. There's a name for it...I'll try to remember.

Grace mom said...

It is some kind of sprue

Steph said...

My husband's grandma also has the gluten intolerance condition. It's called celiac sprue, I think. She was terribly sick until they figured it out; had stomach pain all the time. Now she's changed her diet and is just fine.

Whatever the problem turns out to be, I sure hope Jamie gets some relief soon. It must be so hard for you to watch your kid suffer like that.

ann said...

I met someone at Kroger who had that Celiac. I also read about it in a magazine, and the article said that many doctors don't know about it. The lady I met in Kroger said it gave her very week bones. She was really petite. The article I read said it caused people to lose weight and have a swollen stomach, no matter how many calories they were eating. It's worth looking into. I had a friend in north TN who was allergic to gluten, and she used rice flour and lentil flour and still was able to make cookies and bread and stuff. She bought a bread maker at a garage sale for $5. She was also lactose intolerant and used prefered Lactaid over all other brands.

Strangeite said...

My best friend (and former school mate of yours) has Celiac. It sucks. He was feeling like crap for years never knowing what was wrong. On his 8 billioneth trip to a new doctor, she suggested that it might be Celiac. He adjusted his diet and he started to turn around almost immediately.

His symptoms were severe stomach pains, headaches and irritability.

The real problem with Celiacs is that you have to be Uber-careful about gluten or you fall right back off the wagon. You can't use the same knives, pots, cutting board, etc., as things that have touched gluten. It is so extreme that if it is indeed Celiacs and you give Jamie a kiss and you have eaten any gluten in the last few hours, it will get into his system.