Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I tweaked the font and link colors a bit, as well as made the text areas a little more opaque. Did this help the readability issues any, or do I need to do more work?

I figure I'll put up a new template once a week; I'm thinking a week is enough time for my "regulars" to peruse the new template. Then, after I've exhausted my supply of templates I like, I'll use the handy new "poll" feature here on blogger to get everyone's input on which background they liked best. Now, if you guys choose one I decide I don't like after all, I probably won't use it. But, hey, I still want to have an excuse to try out the poll feature, so please vote anyway!


Tooz said...

The font color isn't helping me a lot, since I'm trying to read without glasses. I'm pretty much black font on white background, myself. Younger eyes ought to be able to handle it well. Love you, girl--wish you were here to help me jazz my blog up!

Geron said...

it kinda all blurs together for me too