Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No Answers Yet

Well, we went to Corpus Christi yesterday for Jamie's endoscopy and biopsy. The doctor said he saw nothing that immediately jumped out at him as explanation for Jamie's pain. He saw some irritation, some redness and swelling in the stomach, and what looked like "long scratches" up and down Jamie's esophagus, but nothing that would conclusively point to a cause. So, the doctor took three biopsies and two cultures for bacteria and hopefully they'll call me Friday or Monday with some results. If not, I'll press for more tests concentrating on the lower part of Jamie's intestinal tract, as his pain is lower than the stomach (in the belly-button area), as well as take him back to his allergist for testing to see if he's developed any new food allergies. There's also a possibility this could be related to the migraines he's been getting, so a trip back to the neurologist may be in order. I'll post more when I know more. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts as we try to determine just what's going on. Love, hugs and kisses.

One funny thing yesterday was getting to see my kid stoned off his gourd on valium before the procedure. They gave him some liquid valium to calm him before they administered the anesthesia, and it was quite funny to see him staring off into space, pointing at things that weren't there, and mumbling to himself about stuff nobody could understand. The triage area for surgery had individual TVs the children could watch while they waited their turn. Apparently, Scooby-Doo is even more hilarious when you're stoned off your rocker!


Suze said...

So is this any relief? I mean, if there was something really horrible, they would have seen it, right?
Still sending so much love your way.

And I know what you mean about seeing your kid stoned. When Daniel was 10 months old, he had surgery for an undescended testicle. The procedure was delayed a couple hours and he was beside himself with hunger and really wanted to nurse. To keep him from screaming and clawing at my shirt they gave him the baby equivalent of Valium and all of a sudden he was all smiles (and enlarged pupils). it was a little freaky, honestly.

I hope you get some answers soon.

love love love

Steph said...

Still thinking about you and Jaime and praying you both get some answers and some relief. :)

Lydia said...

I hear you...imagine a one year-old stoned off her rocker...we saw that when Cora had her tubes surgery and was recovering from the meds at home. She couldn't get her food into her mouth and couldn't walk straight. She tried, but she'd tip and stumble. (I was there to catch her, of course.) I finally put her in her crib and let her try to walk in it. At least she'd fall on something soft. She started throwing toys out of her crib. Cracked me up.

Hey, I didn't realize how bad things were. I will be praying for Jamie and you. Please email me and keep me updated. I know there's a lot going on here, but there's not so much that I can't pray for you. So, keep me uppdated, PLEASE!!!

I love you guys!

Animal said...

Still sending best karmic thoughts for you & your boy.

And yeah, since Shaggy was constantly stoned himself (re: the thinly veiled excuse for "Scooby snacks" as a way of saying "I've got the munchies!"), I would imagine the show plays well when you're in that state. Makes me wonder what state Kasey Casem was in when he did the voice!