Monday, February 25, 2008

A Big Brother for Jamie, and Other News...

Various and sundry news about my favorite boy...

- Hooray! After two years on the waiting list, Jamie and I have an appointment to meet his potential big brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) tonight. Huzzah! Everybody pray that they hit it off and that his BB is a positive influence and helps Jamie's self-esteem.

- Just the other day, Jamie looked at me and said, "Am I ever going to have a Dad? Please don't tell me what you think I want to hear. I'd like the truth, please." OUCH! Not only was that some grown up words and tone, but it hurt to have to say "Honestly baby, I don't know. But I'm doing what I can right now, which - honestly - isn't much. Between work, school and keeping up the house, it's about all I can do to make sure my socks match every day, much less dating." He took it rather well, and thanked me for telling him the truth instead of sugarcoating things. When did my little boy get to be such a young man?

- It's amazing what a little motivation will do. Once I told Jamie that he could have a Nintendo DS Lite only if he started getting B's or above in reading, and had all A's and B's on his next report card, he has brought home fantastic grades. So now I've begun bidding on a Nintendo DS lite on eBay. The little stinker just needed the proper motivation to do better. Granted though, he won't actually get the DS until I get the report card with all A's and B's on it.

- Last but not least, my sincere apologies to all the people to whom I used to be able to speak to on a half-way regular basis over the telephone. Between work and school, my butt is being spanked (figuratively, of course) and it seems to be all I can do - as I previously mentioned - to leave the house each day with matching socks on. I promise to do lots of calling the week of spring break. Would you believe that not only is my school's spring break and Jamie's spring break the same, but I also have a holiday from work that Friday for Good Friday. Thank you! That will be a Jamie and mommy day, with no homework, no chores, just fun!

Love you all, now I gotta go!


Strangeite said...

If your bids on eBay don't work out, you might consider checking your local GameStops. I imagine that they have a regular supply of used DS Lites for not much more than you will pay on eBay and you will be able to inspect it in the store to make sure that it works and that there are not any horrible scratches. They also offer a guarantee that it will work, unlike buying something on eBay as-is and there is no shipping charge. As most things in life, you can get a better deal on eBay, but that deal comes with increased risk.

Just my two cents.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I looked at GameStop, but down here they charge $100 for a refurbished one. Why would I spend that when a new one is $30 more? Also, I don't want to spend too much on one, as this is his first "real" video game (he has those TV plug-n-play ones) and I don't want to shell out a lot of money until I'm sure he'll take care of it properly. But thanks for the suggestions! If the bidding gets too crazy on eBay, I may have to do the GameStop thing.