Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Things That Irritate the Pee Out of Me

In response to Jessi's post, here's my list of five things that annoy the stuffing out of me.

1) Working late. On a Friday. On the Friday before a three day weekend. 'Nuff said.

2) My son not throwing away food related garbage (meal boxes, milk cartons, etc.) and just leaving them lying on the kitchen counter or on top of the fridge.

3) Answering technological questions at work for the 100th time (for the same person).

4) Putting my hand in sticky orange juice on the counter when I'm half asleep because someone didn't bother to wipe up his mess the night before when he poured himself some OJ with which to take his nighttime meds.

5) My son coming to me at the last minute before the bus comes saying "Oh, I forgot I need $5-$10-$15 etc. to go on the field trip/buy a yearbook/get a new notebook and I need it today".


Jessi said...

Yeah, I have the technological question thing too. Also the orange juice. How hard is that to wipe up a little spill. Usually right by over the rag drawer. Oh, and at least Jamie has the excuse of being tweeny. Bob is a fully grown adult.

Animal said...

I'm with ya on #3. Pay attention the first damn time, or even the SECOND. After that…fuhgeddaboutit.