Friday, February 13, 2009

Flowers for His Valentine

My boss’ college-aged daughter has been giving Jamie tennis lessons for the past couple of weeks.  She also has attention deficit issues, so she understands how to best teach Jamie and keep him engaged.  She’s very sweet and truly enjoys working with kids.  Jamie enjoys the physical activity (since he gave up soccer this season), as well as the chance to work his budding flirting skills on an “older woman.”  Today, when I go pick Jamie up from his lesson, I’ve been instructed to stop by the store first and buy her a bouquet of flowers.  “Not roses or any mushy stuff.  Just something pretty that smells good,” he said.  He wants to present these to her to say “thanks” for teaching him tennis.  Somebody’s going to be conquering hearts left and right when he gets older!

1 comment:

Suze said...

Sounds like he already is! :)