Monday, January 19, 2009

Thankful for My "Momma"

Momma Tooz leaves bright and early tomorrow morning to journey back to Kentucky.  Please pray that she has a safe and easy journey back home - in the air, while waiting and transferring planes at her layover, and while driving back to Georgetown from Louisville. 


I am soooooo thankful that she came down.  Tooz may not be my momma by blood, but she’s been a mother to me for many years now.  I felt stronger and more settled during all this ordeal just knowing she was here, knowing she was available for a quick hug, an encouraging word, or even a bit of parenting advice on how to handle an active boy with ADHD who is acting out a bit because he misses his Papaw.  I felt more calm and able to handle stress better knowing she was here.  I am grateful that she came down, and am grateful to her family for “loaning” her to me.  Thank you, Momma Tooz!  We love you great big bunches and are going to miss you when you leave tomorrow.

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ann said...

I for one don't really consider it a loan. You can keep her. I know she's keeping you. As are the rest of us. (Of course we are keeping her, too.)

I am so sorry for your loss and am so glad your bubby, son, and mamma were there with you.