Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been a Little Too Busy to Blog..

Sorry about that.  There have been so many things that needed my immediate attention that it was too much to have to come up with blog posts, too.  I’m still up to my armpits in things that I have to do VERY VERY SOON, plus now I have homework on top of it, so this will neither be a particularly lengthy post, nor a particularly well planned one.  This is mainly some snippets of thoughts and experiences I’ve had over the past two or so weeks.

·         At Dad’s funeral, I found myself suddenly in the middle of that Mary Tyler Moore Show episode where Chuckles the Clown dies and Mary & friends wind up snickering the whole way through his eulogy.  When the military honor guard began the flag folding, with all its ceremony and reverent stroking of the flag, all I could think was “I will love him and pet him and call him George,” and consequently couldn’t stop laughing.  I held it in as best as I could, and everyone assumed I was shaking because I was sobbing so hard.

·         There is sweet irony in the fact that my father, who could be quite racist at times, was buried on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.  His Presidential Certificates of Honor for his service in the military will also be signed by President Obama.  This is funny for two reasons – the obvious aforementioned personality trait, as well as the fact that Dad was very VERY Republican.

·         Don’t get me wrong.  I love my father, and am sad that he will never see my son grow up.  But still, the previous items are funny, yes?

·         I realized today that I will be the first person in my immediate family to get my bachelor’s degree, and yet neither of my parents lived to see it.  At least Jamie’s shining face will still look out at me from the crowd when I receive my degree this December.

·         Speaking of Jamie – the issue about which I had e-mailed some of you (and had been consequently passed on to others in a prayer/good vibes/etc. chain) seems to be getting better.  Drastic steps wound up not being necessary, but steps are being taken to alleviate the situation in a manner agreeable to us both.  If you got the e-mails, hopefully you know what I mean.  If you didn’t, hopefully you can’t guess.  No offense to anyone, but I’m trying to protect some privacy issues here.  If you know what happened, and are confused about what the heck I mean here, e-mail me, and I’ll fill you in.

·         I also have realized that I am now an adult orphan.  Not sure how I feel about this – or at least, I can’t put the feeling into words.

·         Dad’s dog is proving to be a major pain in the butt.  Haven’t decided what to do about him yet – take him back to the rescue organization, or keep him and try to acclimate him to our expectations?

·         Work is going well.  I’ve had some major productivity, thereby lessening the stress on me.  Yay!

·         School is already spanking my butt.  I’m taking four very challenging classes this semester.  Ay yi yi!

·         While most of my friends and family are hunkered down in cold, snow and/or ice, I’m enjoying temperatures in the mid-60s today.  Yes, I miss snow.  But I sure as hell don’t miss winter storms!  J


Becca said...

I do think those two items are funny.

Re: the funeral-- I think I told Tooz this a few days later, but as people arrived for Dad's service, they would come to my mom, my sis, or me, and the first thing they would say was, "How are you?" Then each person would get a really awkward look on his/her face as they realized what was just asked given the circumstances. After the fourth or fifth time, I had to surpress the urge to laugh as the facial expression changed. I know that sounds mean, and I didn't take offense--I hadn't seen these people in years and I understood what was meant by the question--but that was my MTM moment.

No song, no dance, no seltzer down my pants.

Suze said...

you gotta have humor!

And I'm glad to hear the situation is getting better. I was a little worried that I hadn't heard from you!

Everett said...

Not to rub it in, but. On Tuesday I came from work around 4 in the afternoon and as I walked across the hard packed snow that's been in our lot since I don't know when I thought about how much delight I take in a sunny 'teen degree day with snow crunching under my feet. I had the same feeling last night under the stars. Fresh fallen snow is beautiful, but there's also something about snow that's settled in and is a little dirty but firm. Like I said, I'm not trying to rub it in, just maybe to transfer some of the good crisp snow feeling to you and your blog.