Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tweet, Tweet

Thank goodness for a handy little doodad like Twitter! Jamie and I have both been sick with the nasties for the past week and a half, so I haven’t been doing much in the way of blogging. Plus, I’m working like mad to dig my way through the end-of-the-semester assignment clog, plus keep up everything else. So, Twitter has been a great way for me to keep my blog updated. All I have to do is text a 140 character or less update to Twitter, and they post it in the sidebar of my blog. So, if you’re wondering what I’m up to, but I haven’t had time to post, more than likely you’ll see my little “tweets” on the right sidebar. I’ve also found they are an endless source of entertainment. I’ve subscribed to several people’s twitter updates. So far, my favorite has been a user who calls himself “Holy God”. His last update read: “Attending a deity conference. I'm the only one here.” I laughed out loud when I read it. This person also posts things like “Waking up half the world and putting the other half to sleep,” "Chillin' with the saints" and “Just a little reminder to everyone that adultery is a sin and a very bad one at that. Worse than cursing.” He (she?) also randomly tweets things such as “The Bible is my favorite book. Is that conceited?” I enjoy this person’s tweets very much.

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Happy Thanksgiving. We truly miss you guys!!