Friday, June 06, 2008

Too Smart for His Own Good

Jamie's last day of school was this past Wednesday. His daycare doesn't start until Monday, so part of his day he's been home alone and the other half of the day he's been playing at a friend's house down the street (where parents are home). For him to be able to go to his friend's house, he's had to spend a specified amount of time doing house work before he can go play. Yesterday, Rachel made the comment that she didn't see much difference in the state of Jamie's bedroom. So today when Jamie called me to tell me he had worked on his room the designated 45 minutes and was going to go play with Josh, he hit me with a whammy. I asked him if there was a noticeable difference in the state of his room. He replied, "Yep. And I even have evidence!" The little stinker got my digital camera and took "before" and "after" photos of his room!


ann said...

that is so stinkin cute.

Becca said...

That's funny!

In the too smart for his own category, I just feel the need to brag that CJ can turn on a TV and a DVD player, open the player and load a disc, close the player, and launch the cartoons from the DVD menu. He's 3 1/2. I find this quite impressive.

Lydia said...

You people have little Everetts! (Well, maybe not the dvd thing) I think you should post the evidence for all to see and gush in awe at. I hope my son, too, will be brilliant!