Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Apologies

I've been remiss in my duty to post. Just chalk it up to the start of school and three very difficult, labor intensive classes this semester:
  • Criminological Theory
  • Constitutional Law
  • Texas Politics

The only reason why I'm taking the last one is it's a required course for all undergrads. Bleuch!

To bring you all up to date, Jamie had a fantastic birthday, complete with 18 little guests all running around the bounce house place like little maniacs. Also, Jamie and Destiny absolutely LOVE Animaniacs, and at any moment will bust out with "Good night, everybody!" and once even (from Destiny) "Hellooooooooooooo, Nurse!". It was great! They constantly barrage me with demands to watch 'Maniacs (as Destiny calls it), a request which I am very happy to oblige. Jamie told me the other day that I act a lot like Slappy Squirrel. I take that as a compliment!

Much love to all. The main thing that will get me through this semester, I suspect, is the knowledge that - come December 13, 2008 - I will be a college graduate. That is - if all this doesn't kill me first!

Big hugs and lots of love to everyone who wanders here.


Strangeite said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well, even if working full time and going to school can suck.

Don't worry about not posting, we will always wait until you come back.

Tooz said...

Hey, what ever came of Jamie's doctor's visits?

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Whoops! Sorry. The radiologist who interpreted Jamie's stomach x-rays said she didn't see any ulcers, but she did see some pretty serious acid reflux. The x-ray machine was really cool, and actually was more like watching a movie than looking at an x-ray picture. I got to watch to see what happens when he swallows, and the stuff almost immediately came right back up. Anyway, she couldn't give me an "official diagnosis", but she said she was pretty sure the gastroenterologist would tell me the same thing she did. Sorry I didn't tell you guys that before! Thanks for asking!

Suze said...

Good luck with everything. I check in pretty regularly. Less than a year until you graduate - woohoo!!