Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Got New Toys!

Things have been FUN at work here lately. I've been designing the company website! Whee! Right now, we just have something up I threw together to give people contact info and notify them that the website is under construction. This is major for around here, because apparently they've had a registered domain name and a website for FIVE YEARS and never put anything up until I started pushing about it two years ago! Finally, the boss' wife told me to go ahead and just do it, then my boss could see it later. She got tired of him waiting around on giving the go ahead on it, too. It doesn't look nearly like what I want it to yet, but you can look at it here to see where I work and what I did to it so far.

Also, I got new toys today! I got a digitizer, stylus and wireless mouse to help with all the photoillustrations I have to do here. The boss' wife told me to go ahead and order whatever I need because she watched me waste 45 minutes one day trying to use my mouse to draw the line I needed on a scanned photomicrograph.

I LOVE NEW TOYS! Wooooo Hooooooooooooooo!

And for those of you wondering about Jamie, he's doing better. He's wearing an ace bandage until we can see the orthopaedist next Wednesday. I'll keep you all informed of what's going on.


Animal said...

"Metallurgical Engineering?" Does that, like, mean you help people engineer their METAAAALLLL?!?!!!

(Cue thrashing guitars and booming drums sound effects.)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

LOL! Oh, yeah, we got 'em all stopping by here for us to help 'em out. KISS, Danzig, Ozzie, Metallica, AC/DC, they all stop by for us to tweak their tunes. LOL!

Actually, no. My boss is more old school. He likes jazz and candy-coated sugar pop music. (blech to the last one!)

Anonymous said...

Call me retarded--what's a digitizer? And while you're explaining that one, throw in a definition of stylus for free, would ya?

a dummy up in Chatt.

Glad to hear Jamie is doing better

Strangeite said...

Hello Jennifer, glad to see that you have entered the wonderful world of web page construction. I have been playing around with pages for about six months now. You can take a look at some of the pages that I have made here, here, here, here and here. I also noted that you are using Nvu. I have used that program for a while but got really tired of it after about two minutes (granted I used it for about two weeks after I got tired of it). However, if you have access to a Mac, I think you would fall in love with iWeb. There are some real limitations to the software, but you can make VERY pretty pages, really easily and the limitations are not that difficult to overcome. If you think that I can offer some advice, feel free to ask. My email address is roycornett --at-- I typed the above address to hide it from the spam bots.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Hey, Roy! I have a Mac iBook my brother gave me at home, but I only have PCs at work. Since I already had downloaded Nvu to my work computer, and my brother had put Nvu on the Mac for me, it was simplist for me to use that so I could work on the website from either computer. Because I love my Mac so much and can do so much more with the programs my brother graciously provided me with, I have been bringing my Mac to work with me and setting up in an empty office and working there, while the boss' daughter and wife get the joys of doing what I normally do so I have time to work on the website. I have big plans for the website; I already know in my head what I'm going to do. We're going to make two sites in identical layout, but one completely in English and one completely in Spanish. We have quite a few clients who only speak Spanish, or speak only very limited English. This is going to be great fun! Whee! I'll keep you all apprised as to when the real website will be up, instead of just our "under construction" page. Liked your websites, BTW.

And Lydia, to answer your question, instead of digitizer I should have called it a "tablet". Basically, its a nifty little electronic tablet that you hook up via USB to your computer, and it comes with a little pen-looking doohickey (otherwise known as a stylus) and a wireless mouse. You use either the wireless mouse on the tablet like you would a normal mouse on a mousepad, or you can remove the mouse from the top of the tablet and use the stylus either as a mouse in regular programs, or you can use it to freehand draw and write in programs such as Photoshop to edit photos and create photoillustrations, which I do a LOT of diagramming and photoillustrating at work. You can also buy software that allows you to write on the tablet with the stylus and the computer will automatically change your handwriting to text. It's a really, really REALLY cool toy and I want one for home now sooooooo baaaaaaaad.

Okay, now I gotta get back to work.