Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Soccer Supplies for Stinkbumps

I was notified by Jamie's coach the other day of several things. 1) Jamie is getting very good at soccer (well, duh!) 2) Jamie is the only returning player she has who knows how to play goalie effectively 3) With a bit more practice and dedication, he could become very very very good.

So, considering the fact that he's about to start his 7th soccer season, I didn't think he was going to quit anytime soon. In fact, he lives and breathes soccer. In light of all that his coach told me, and how much he loves the game, we went shopping last night.

I spent $200 on soccer equipment for this kid.

No, that is not a typo. I said $200.

His feet have outgrown his soccer shoes, so he needed new ones. Did I mention the pair that fit him were young MEN'S size 5, which is about the equivalent of a ladies' size 7??!?!?!?!?!? He also needed a larger ball, as he's advanced one age group. He needed new shin guards, as his old ones were not long enough. I had to buy XSML ADULT guards to cover the kid's shins. He needed new shorts, as all his old soccer shorts made him look like he was wearing "hot pants". He needed new soccer socks, as his legs have gotten so long his old ones looked like anklets on him. Since he's going to be playing goalie for at least half of just about every game, he needed goalie gloves. Ditto that for needing a goalie jersey (it has padding so it won't hurt so bad when he gets nailed by the ball). Those are the items he needed.

There was one item on which I splurged. However, I think it will come in handy at home, not only for him, but to help me get back in shape, too. I bought him a 6.5' tall x 12' wide soccer goal for us to practice with at home. He has so much excess energy, and loves soccer so much, that I figure he and I can play together every day. This will accomplish several things 1) it will help him build up stamina and goalie skills, 2) it will give us some "mommy-son" time, 3) it will wear him out so he'll sleep good at night, and 4) it will help me get back in shape.

Now, I know I spent a ridiculous amount of money. But, like I said, he's already proven he loves the sport and will stick with it. I was able to buy some of the stuff big enough he can use it for several seasons. The goal will be able to be used for years. Plus, Jamie's at the point where you have to start working on training them, but still making sure they have fun. Based on what several people have told me, he's showing great potential and a real talent, which could lead to him playing on school teams, and even could provide scholarships into college. Now, I know college is a long ways away, but any scholarships he can get in addition to academic scholarships (which that kid better get!) will be much appreciated. I faint every time I see the projections for college tuition in 2016.

So, if you don't hear from me for a bit, you might want to e-mail me and make sure I didn't take one header too many from the soccer ball. That is, if I survive just putting the goal together.


Animal said...

But, really, is there something you WOULDN'T buy for your son?? Sounds like money well spent.

Um...this only just occurred to me, but why "Stinkbumps?"

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

The only things I won't buy for my kid is that which is bad for him.

As for his nickname. On the day he was born, my mom was there as my birthing coach, support, etc. So when he was born, the first words my mom said was "Oh, what a little stinkbumps!" It just stuck, and has been his unofficial name ever since. Plus, if I'm in crowded area, and I yell "HEY, STINKBUMPS!" I doubt anyone else will answer.


Becca said...

Oh, he'll LOVE that crowded area trick in a few years!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Ha ha! He already blushes and gets embarrassed when I do it now. He he. The joys of parenthood!