Thursday, February 08, 2007

Now I'm REALLY in Trouble

But this time it isn't with school work. I FUBAR'ed big time at work, and this was just discovered today. I think I came very close to being fired today. And that stinks, people.

Apparently, I had way too many balls in the air while juggling tasks. Well, I must have dropped one of them and had it go splat! while I wasn't looking.

My company does all sorts of complicated testing for our clients. Many of our clients are law firms involved in product-malfunction cases (both defense and plaintiff) worth - in some cases - millions of dollars. Some of our testing is done by outside laboratories.

I sent a very important, irreplaceable sample to the wrong laboratory. I had too many tasks going at once, and when I got interrupted to do another task, I got my addresses mixed up. Like I said, I FUBAR'ed. If the sample had not been found and forwarded to the correct lab, I would now be out of a job. My boss was so mad he couldn't even speak to me. Well, actually, he yelled a lot, but when he tried to talk to me, he was so mad he started stuttering. That, folks, means he was severely P.O.'ed.

I have a feeling that I'll have some sort of disciplinary action taken against me. I wouldn't blame him. This was a serious snafu that could have caused us to lose our national reputation, millions of dollars in billings over the years, etc. I'll take any punishment they want to give (just please don't fire me.)

I am no longer going to bring homework to work with me. I am going to concentrate more on my work. I am definitely going to make sure this NEVER happens again! (And at night, I’ll concentrate harder on my homework so I can hurry up and complete my degree.)


Suze said...

oh jenn. take a deep breath.

now forgive yourself.

it sucks when you mess up and your mistake effects other people, but you're certainly not the first person to have screwed up and you're certainly not the last. i'm glad the sample was found and that at the end of the day, no actual harm was done.

you've obviously proved your worth to this company time and again. and you're obviously not going to make this kind of mistake again. if they're at all human, they'll take this into consideration.

thinking about you.

Just Julez said...

You need a hug. So...*HUGS*

I did something like this once. When I worked on the sex offender registry, my boss left a stack of papers on my desk. Each paper had a corresponding SOR#(any offender on the SOR was assigned a number). Things were normally placed on my desk to be filed back in the offender's file, so I did that. The problem was, those were files I was supposed to pull for the FBI. *I* got to explain to an FBI agent, my boss, AND my captain why I am an idiot.

I feel your pain. It is hard sometimes to find balance, but you're a smart woman, and you will be fine!

*BIG hugs again*

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I was feeling really low that day. Friday was slightly better, and it would appear that my boss finally forgave me at the end of the day.