Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Bet You Thought the Halloween Spirits Got Me

Sorry I've been away for so long. Things have been hectic at work, and very stressed out (and sick) at home. Seems like I've got a sinus thing going on that is making me miserable right now. I'll be glad when the weather decides to make up its mind.

So, last time we talked, I was begging for help with a Halloween mask for Jamie. Well, I never got a chance to make him one the way I planned to. However, I found some card stock and crayons, and decided to make him one anyway. I am not the most visually artistic person in my family - that title goes to my brother. However, if I set my mind to it, I can create a reasonable facsimile of what I want to make. Here's what I got on the first try:

Not too shabby, even if I say so myself. Jamie was tickled to death with it - so that was good enough for me. (I kept expecting people to ask me what the Asian Doberman was all about, though). Saturday was a busy day. We babysat Destiny, so she got to do all kinds of fun stuff with us. Jamie had a soccer game, which his team won 2-1! Jamie played offense, and has proven to me (and his coach) that he has become an awesome all-around soccer player. She now knows she can put him in any position and he'll do a good job. Too bad we found this out just in time for him to move up a league, and consequently have a new coach!

Then it was straight to his school's PTA carnival. Lots of fun times were had by all. Several really cute pictures were taken, but I have been too busy at work to be able to use the scanner, so you'll just have to wait until I get a chance to sneak in there before you can see the pics. Jamie was fierce and Destiny was adorable!

Then it was home for a few hours so Destiny could take a much-needed nap and I could finish up homework on the computer. Then we went to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Halloween Party on a large ranch out in the middle of nowhere. They had a costume contest, and Jamie won first prize for "most creative costume". This was only for people who had made their own costume. Jamie was tickled pink! I got some cute pictures of the kids afterwards pretending to be vampires (it's amazing what one can do with french fries and catsup!) I'll post those, too, once I can sneak and use the scanner.

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail, so that made a rough day much nicer.

Now you're caught up (sort of) and I don't feel so guilty about singing on y'all's blogs and neglecting my own.

Big hugs to you all!


Becca said...

Aw! Doesn't the Asian Dobermann look cute!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

It's not supposed to be cute. It's supposed to be mysterious and a bit scary! Any 8 year old boy could tell you that! LOL!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Wow. Everybody else must have given up on me ever updating my blog. Y'all forgot about me...

[pout, sigh]