Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry Month

We're studying poetry right now in my 7th grade classroom, so it has gotten my creative juices flowing. Here's something I whipped out in about 5 minutes.

Of all the things you ever said

Ever tried or never did

I think the one that hurt the worst

Was the day you cursed my birth.

I tried hard not to let it show

Kept the anger simmering low,

But all the while I screamed inside

“Was I the one you wished had died?”

Now you’re gone I cannot ask

But still I turn back to the past

And wondered if all this was true

Every time you said, “love you.”

Somehow, I think the school district would frown on me sharing this with my students. What do you think, too heavy for the average 7th grader?


ann said...

I don't know about your school district, but I think my 8th grade english teacher would have let us read it. I love it, by the way. I have had poetry on the brain lately. Can you recommend some to me?

Suze said...

I dont' know how your district feels, but I think 7th graders can handle a lot. Kids that age will surprise you, don't you think?