Friday, March 05, 2010

Life in Haiku (Or, My Pathetic Attempt to Make My Mundane Life Seem More Interesting)

Sleep is elusive.
The sheep I count defected.
I am so grouchy!

Work is still stressful,
reports unending burdens.
I need a day off.

Relaxation comes;
babysitting night at church.
Solitude beckons.

Infinite worlds will
blossom in my mind tonight.
Love that "new book" smell.

Sadness comes this way.
Tomorrow one puppy leaves
to go to the pound.

No rescue groups came
to help me find her a home.
I cannot keep her.

Two puppies remain
but are not as aggressive.
I can take my time.

My boy grows by leaps
and bounds; he climbed on the roof
to fix broken vents.

Climbing up was fun!
He could see for miles, but the
climb down was scary.

UT was so great!
Making Rube Goldberg Machine
highlight of the day.

He grows so fast, my
heart breaks watching my boy turn
into a young man.

The sands of time move
swiftly. They take childhood and
leave behind a man.


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Haiku the whole post.
love that creativity
fills every pixel.