Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Meme/Blog Quiz!

I was looking for a simple meme/blog quiz to post for today, and couldn't resist the "What Beatles Song Are You" quiz. I mean, c'mon, we're talking the Beatles here! If you take this quiz, please post the result either in my comments, or put it on your blog and let me know in my comments, and I will go look at it.

You Are "Yesterday"

You are reflective, nostalgic, and even a bit melancholy. You can't help but wish for better days.
You believe that sometimes you can't appreciate what you've got until it's gone. Life is bittersweet.

You are honest and humble. You can look at yourself objectively, even when it's difficult.
Every day you try a little bit harder to be a better person. It's the best you can do.


Jessi said...

I am "All You Need is Love"
I am compassionate, kind, and giving. I truly believe that love can heal the world.
In some ways, I am a bit of hippie. I think that peace is still very undervalued in this world.

I feel like people make life too complex. Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.
There isn't much people really need in this life. If you're truly loved, then you're lucky.

yep, that's me. "Everybody!"

Tooz said...

Yesterday is probably my favorite Beatles song, except maybe for Eleanor Rigby.